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A very versatile and useful board. Just peel and stick, for signs and all other mounting applications.

Self Adhesive Foamboard
Self Adhesive Foamboard
Item# Self-Stick-Foam-Board

Product Description

Self Adhesive foam board with a sticky back adheres to the print or poster for easy sign making and mounting.
Easily cuts with a knife, a sharp x-acto or box cutter. A No MESS solution for mounting the print or document or photo. Also useful for picture framing mounting of poster. Hi Tack and Low Tack available. Hi tack is a aggressive strong glue, which once your photo is placed it will not come off, low tack is easier to use, less permanent, once the photo is placed and can be taken up again and replaced.

Self Adhesive foam board is useful for signs which are temporary or for mounting posters which are not original works of art or archival. The foam board and adhesive on these boards are not archival. For more permanent applications,for outdoor signs and for archival work, there are other approaches to mounting your art or photo. These include acid free dry mount tissue on to acid free foam board and for the most dent resistant mounting, use gator board.

Self Adhesive foam board with a sticky back adheres to the print or poster for easy sign making and mounting Discounted and shipped.

All Self Adhesive Foam Board is 3/16th inch thick.

Bainbridge White and Black Self  Adhesive Foamboard

Bainbridge Self Adhesive White and Black Self Stick 3/16th thick Foamboard- BEST VALUE! A self stick foam board that is quick and easy to use. Just peel and stick. Initially re-positionable, becoming permanent.

Alcan  Adhesive Foamboard, Hi Tack and Low Tack

A Non-Memory High Quality Foam Board. Available in re-positionable Low-Tack (LT) or immediate bonding High-Tack (HT)

Gilman Self Adhesive Foam Board

An economical board with self-adhesive backings. Suitable for interior signage, exhibits and point of purchase displays.

Elmers Self Adhesive Foam Board

This is a high quality high tack board.

Ultra Core Self Adhesive Foam Board

These boards are super rigid, warp and dent resistant, and excellent choice when you need to mount a poster or print that will resist damage from the corner or surface.

Self Adhesive Foam Board Cut Sizes

Cut to your size already. Features an adhesive coating on one side for easy application. Simply peel back the protective liner and smooth item to surface. Specially formulated to handle hard-to-hold items such as posters, photos and maps.
Available in BLACK and WHITE.WHITE packs are 49.95 each, BLACK packs are 58.95 each

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