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Welcome to Foamcore.Com is your source for all foam boards, gator board, illustration boards, mat boards as well as foam board cutters, easel backs and other tools you will need to create your signs and displays.

We have a full service staff ready to answer your questions regarding the type of board you require for your project as well shipping costs and delivery times. We also carry other boards, and papers,framing supplies,oil and acrylic paints and a full line of art and drafting supplies as well. Call us at 1-800-937-4278 or stop by our Chicago store.

We specialize in shipments of large foam board boxes up to 4 feet by 10 feet. We have points of origin around the country to save you shipping costs. We truck ship the boards on skids to prevent damage. Call us at 773 292 2992 with any shipment questions you may have.

Featured Products

White Foam Board
Standard White Foam Board for signs, displays, mounting, model construction projects and arts and crafts.
Cardboard Easel Backs
Lineco Self Adhesive Single or Double Wing White or Black Cardboard Easels Backs. Perfect for displays to stand up, inexpensive signage when couble with a printed board.
Black Foam Board
Black core and paper foam board is ideal for mounting photographs, prints, presentations and other materials. The crisp black core is laminated between high-quality uncoated black paper.
Black Gator Board

Gator Board.When you want it dent free, crush proof and permanent.Much stronger then Foam Board but the same weight.

White Gator Board

Gatorboard is more durable than foam core boards and is a good choice for non archival applications, where strength and light weight are important.

Self Adhesive Foamboard
Self Adhesive foam board with a sticky back adheres to the print or poster for easy sign making and mounting Discounted and shipped. Easily cuts with a knife, a sharp x-acto or box cutter. A No MESS solution for mounting the print or document or photo.
Acid Free Foam Board
This is the foam board for backing and mounting posters, artwork, prints etc...when you need an archival solution.
Foam Board Cutters
Foamwerks foam board cutters by Logan and also straight edge cutters by xacto
Color Foam Board
Color foam board has a shiny color papar surface on one side and white shiny paper surface on the other. In the middle is a sheet of pliable styrofoam 3/16th inch thick.
Sintra Board
Sintra is a lightweight yet rigid board of moderately expanded closed-cell polyvinyl chloride (PVC) extruded in a homogenous sheet with a low gloss matte finish.
Heat Activated Foamboard
Heat Activated Foam Board is a self adhesive board with adhesive that bonds when heat is applied, usually used in a vacuum heat press by professional framers. For mounting posters and other surfaces.
Plasticor Corrugated Board
Lightweight plastic board with rigids (corrugated). Typically used for outdoor signs and used for many lawn signs, golf sponsor signs as well as temporary building signs, real estate signs etc...

TRUCK SHIPMENTS ON LARGE BOXES OF BOARDS require higher shipping charges then normal UPS because they go by truck shipment.
Please note: In cases of oversize residential deliveries , the carriers will bring the box to the end of the truck, but usually will not off-load the box or bring it in to the house. They want a special fee for what they call 'gate lift' change and indoor charge. This charge does not go to us and is not part of the shipping charge you see on the checkout page. We recommend that in order to save this high off loading fee that you have helpers there yourself to get the box off the truck and indoors.
If you have any questions regarding our shipping policy please call Lucy, our customer service specialist at 1-800-937-4278.